Eight Roomed House

Eight Roomed House is Fiona Margaret Watson's debut novel, the first in a trilogy. When two lives collide in the unromantic setting of Clapham Junction station, it should have been the start of a once in a lifetime passion. Phoebe, young, vibrant nurse, meets Phillip, jaded serial seducer looking for something, anything other than the mind-numbing boredom of his current existence. From the white-hot heat of their lust an enduring love emerges. But, both have partners determined to hold on to marriage however sterile, however destructive. And when Phoebe's best friend develops an obsession for Phillip, the stage is set for confrontation - can anything be saved from the ensuing POD-Distribution & Short Runsaster? This fast moving and sexually explicit novel will take you into the world of hospitals and polytechnics in the eighties; let you share the emotional highs and lows of lovers with everything to win - or lose.