Economic Organization and Economic Knowledge: Essays in Honour of Brian J. Loasby, Volume I

This is the first of two books in honour of Brian Loasby which simultaneously pay tribute to the contributions he has made to economics and extend the realm of Loasby-inspired economics. The book includes new contributions from an internationally acclaimed group of authors including Israel Kirzner, Peter Swann, Giovanni Dosi, Peter Groenewegen, Richard Langlois and Don Lamberton. Together, they draw on and extend Brian Loasby's work in developing and applying theories of organization and knowledge. The book opens with an introduction to Brian Loasby's career, influences and research. This is followed by an examination of issues raised by the analysis of markets and entrepreneurial behaviour, focusing on Marshallian and Austrian approaches. In the middle of the volume the human action theme is maintained but the focus is shifted onto the dynamics of consumer demand. The final group of chapters apply a history of economic thought perspective to problems of information and knowledge, and aspects of scale and internal organization. Economic Organization and Economic Knowledge will be welcomed by those economists working in the areas of microeconomics particularly markets, innovation, the theory of the firm, consumption, information and knowledge and competition.