Easy PC Astronomy with Floppy Disk

Mixed media product
Easy PC Astronomy is the book for all those who want to make astronomical calculations easily and accurately. A simple but powerful script language called AstroScript is provided on a disk with the book, ready to use on any IBM PC-type computer. Equipped with this the user can make complex calculations within minutes, with no expert knowledge of astronomy, maths or computer-programming. The Sky Graphics facility displays a detailed image of the sky as seen from any point on earth, at any time in the future or past (showing the constellations, planets, and a host of other features), and updated minute by minute, if desired. Full details of the calculations (and formulae) are provided in the book, together with a comprehensive glossary of astronomical terms. Easy PC Astronomy is of immediate practical use to amateur astronomers (from novice to advanced), students (in secondary school or university), science teachers and research astronomers. Software is supplied on a 1.44 MByte high-density 3.5 inch IBM PC disk only. Operates on any IBM-type machine, but better with a coprocessor, so a 386 with a coprocessor or 486 DX are recommended. 500 KBytes RAM and VGA screen required as minimum.