Ear Training for Guitarists

Having a great musical ear is an indispensable skill for every musician. The good news is that a musical ear is not a trait that you're either born with or not - it is a skill that can be developed. Ear Training For Guitarists cuts through the mystery of playing by ear and teaches you to become a better listener and player by training your ear. With your new skills, you will be able to pick up new songs quickly, without printed music, and you will improve your composing and improvising chops. Featuring solid instruction in the logic and theory of scales and fingerboard structure, this book includes dozens of exercises that will help you learn how to find chords, progressions, and melodies by listening. And you will learn to pick up on the subtleties of rhythm and phrasing in popular music that can be difficult to discern in music notation. Start becoming a better, more confident guitarist today, with Ear Training For Guitarists.