Dublin's Palm House

A monograph of black and white photographs, taken in the great Palm House at the National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin,Dublin, beautifully illustrate the house as it was prior to its restoration. The photographs capture the cluttered green exotic jungle, worn by time and held high in affection by the many visitors who were enchanted stepping inside its lofty green paradise. By bringing the reader around the house as it was, drawing the eye to detail or bigger vistas with views upwards into the lofty green foliage, along its unique metal walkway and into the smaller treasure which was the orchid house; to look at the intricate glass panels, metal structure, the wooden frames with their own unique patina of the passage of time, The Palm House tells its story visually. Meanwhile, in a botanical text, Brendan Sayers, keeper of the Palm house, tells the story of how a visitor felt on entering and exploring this green exotic world, the history and the origin of the planting; where it all came from and the importance of the collection. The special edition (ISBN: 9781843511878) will be limited to 100 signed copies and will be accompanied by a gicle print.