Don't Worry...I'm Not Contagious: Your Guide to Staying Healthy in an Infectious World

Paperback / softback
Everyone is concerned about their long-term health. This book takes the confusing and often contradictory information that abounds in the media and makes it simple and practical. Author Avery Hurt begins with an explanation of us and them -- them being microbial life forms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) -- and how maintaining our relationship to them is crucial to good health. She continues with a discussion of what it means to be infected, the hygiene hypothesis, and the immune system. She then describes infectious diseases from the cold and flu to ebola and AIDS -- what they are, what causes them, how they make us sick. Next, Hurt offers detailed information on how to avoid catching and spreading infections. The book concludes with a provocative discussion of how coming to understand and be comfortable with this new view of infection might change the face of medicine and vastly improve our lives.