Discovery & Disclosure - 2nd edition is written by practitioners with the practitioner in mind, and thus gives you a thorough understanding of discovery and disclosure procedures in both civil and criminal cases, and an examination of the important procedural differences that you need to be aware of. This unique reference source gives you unique guidance to the application of discovery and disclosure before quasi-judicial bodies such as the EAT, coroner s courts and tribunals of inquiry, but also provides a useful examination of all the latest civil and criminal case law that has impacted on the subject. What s new? * Significantly expanded criminal section covering particular types of disclosure, such as expert evidence, background material in sex cases, drug valuations, police complaint material, opinion of membership of an unlawful organisation * A section on discovery in Criminal Assets Bureau cases * A section on discovery in extradition * A section on electronic discovery About the authors William Abrahamson, James B. Dwyer and Andrew Fitzpatrick are all practising barristers.