Dictionary of Pharmacological Agents

This book provides the ultimate resource for medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists, presenting concise chemical, physical, and bibliographic data on drugs and pharmacological agents. More than 30,000 compounds are contained in 8,200 entries. Coverage includes all currently marketed drugs, pharmacological tools, bioactive natural products, and compounds in the later stages of clinical trials. The types of data provided include * entry names * synonyms indicating generic names, trade names, and company codes * accurately drawn diagrams depicting stereochemistry * approved names * trade names * molecular formulae and weight * physical properties, including melting point and/or boiling point * disassociation constant * partition coefficients - both experimental and calculated * hazard and toxicity data * patenting company * marketing/development status * therapeutic uses * mechanism of action * key literature citations * carefully selected bibliographies directing the reader straight to the primary literature Four detailed indexes help readers find exactly the information they need: Name (generic, chemical, trivial), Molecular Formula, and CAS Registry Number and Therapeutic Category (225 categories). Dictionary of Pharmacological Agents serves as the information source, comprehensively presenting essential information for medicinal chemists