Dial 999!

This is a re-issue of Blue Nights and Long Nights (ISBN 9780552158527). Card-playing corpses, unfaithful husbands and 'flying' ladies - life as an ambulance driver in the 1970s was certainly varied ...At the age of twenty-three, Les Pringle decided to escape from office life, broaden his horizons and become an ambulance driver. Little did he realize how broad those horizons would turn out to be. Filled with warmth and humour, Dial 999! takes us back to a time when lonely old ladies could call 999 and have a cup of tea waiting when the drivers turned up for a chat; when learning to drive the ambulance meant going out for one test drive and managing not to hit a pedestrian; and, every day brought a glimpse into other people's lives. Gripping, poignant and darkly funny, Dial 999! is an affectionate, warm-hearted look at a world gone by.