Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders: The DECLARE Model

This eloquently simple text provides a cutting edge philosophy for those dealing with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and aftercare of individuals suffering from issues with chemical dependency. Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Abuse follows the D.E.C.L.A.R.E model of treatment-a model in which each letter represents one of the seven bio-psychosocial modalities, or points of entry, for viewing the problems of a dependent client. This model takes the student through every phase of the acronym, which employs a therapeutic approach aimed at facilitating the improvement of drug-abusing behavior. Throughout the text, the student is provided with helpful suggestions regarding treatment impasses, assessing strengths and weaknesses, developing a treatment plan and prioritizing intervention strategies. Transcripts from actual sessions and case vignettes provide rich clinical material to the text. Also, the student/clinician is provided with actual clinical instruments, not seen in other books, to conduct assessment evaluations of clients. CONVENIENT SUPPLEMENT FOR CLINICAL PRACTICE OR INTERNSHIP USE WITH CLIENTS AVAILABLE! 3-hole punched clinical Assessment Instruments booklets are available separately (in bundles of 10) to conduct assessment evaluations of clients.