Deep Health: Take Charge of Your Heatlh and Discover Vitality

Every day we are inundated with advice about our health but how do you know what is right for you? We all want to feel better, live longer and have more energy. Almost everyone we know spends money on vitamin supplements, yoga classes and herbal medicines but do you really know what choices will make a difference to your health?With Deep Health Terry Robson has written a guide for living in the modern world. He examines the mind-body link, reveals the truth about some of our favourite lifestyle choices and uncovers the latest research on the healing tools to help you generate vitality.Achieving deep health involves taking charge of your own wellbeing. It is a 'whole life' approach to living better and becoming healthier everyday - while acknowledging that sometimes chocolate, coffee and champagne are part of living! The changes you need might only be small but making them can lead to empowerment, vitality and a deeper experience of life.This book is packed with practical information to help you to make productive life choices and tips to ensure you don't waste your money next time you buy herbs and vitamins.Let Terry Robson help you to take charge, choose vitality, and discover deep health.