Cutting IT Costs: Leading CTOs and CIOs on Establishing Spending Priorities, Researching Cost-saving Technologies, and Involving the Customer in IT Solutions

Cutting IT Costs is an authoritative, insiders perspective on trimming extraneous expenditures and making the most of the technology budget, particularly in these trying times. Featuring CTOs and CIOs representing some of the top companies in the nation, this book provides best practices for managing your IT portfolio, reducing resource and development expenses, and understanding cost drivers. Driven by the desire to help the business run more efficiently with top-notch IT systems but not break the bank with top-tier costs, these authors offer tips for effectively prioritizing spending, exploring cost-saving solutions, and reorganizing the IT infrastructure for optimal execution. From leveraging the latest technology innovations to streamlining business processes to choosing which expenses to reduce, these authors outline how to make a tangible impact on cost-cutting efforts by doing more with less. This book provides valuable insight for those looking to right-size the IT department by defining the roles of managers and employees in controlling IT costs and focusing on where pennies shouldand should notbe pinched. Highlighting the importance of saving energy and striving towards corporate sustainability, these authors also demonstrate how going green can help conserve funds as well as the planets resources. The different niches presented and the breadth of perspectives represented enable readers to get inside some of the leading cost-conscious technology minds of today, as these insiders offer up their thoughts around the keys to fashioning a financial plan sound enough to make it through the recession and beyond.