Curriculum Webs: Weaving the Web into Teaching and Learning

/*0205459404, Cunningham, Curriculum Webs 2, 2e*/Curriculum Webs helps in-service teachers, curriculum developers, and pre-service teachers build and use the World Wide Web as a central resource to facilitate learning. A curriculum web is a Web page or web site designed to support a unit of curriculum. This text describes the process of building curriculum webs from the early planning stages through design of the Web pages, using the finished product in classrooms, reflecting on the results, and revising for further use. Readers will see how successful Web-based curricula can be developed based on the stages of curriculum development and the needs of learners. On the Companion Web site, (,) Hands-On Lessons for various web editing software show specific procedures for implementing the ideas contained in the book. The companion web site also includes numerous links to resources and further examples.