Cult Killers

The six-six-Sixties were the Devil's decade. With their heady cocktail of glamour and gore, dissatisfied youth have been drawn back to those years time and time again in search of inspiration - mostly artistic, some diabolical. The dark side of that swinging decade saw the rise of Satanism in popular culture, and even as the Sixties ended in flames, the attendant black smoke formed new shapes for Satan to inhabit and still more powerful envoys to spread his word...Following the rise of Satanism through from the Sixties to today, Frank Moorhouse examines the key cases and delves into the lives of the perpetrators, searching for the events that could have driven them to commit such horrific acts. Rather than simply criticise and condemn, Moorhouse remains open-minded as he trawls through the carnage left by some of the world's most terrifying killers.