Cross to Bear

Cross to Bear provides the true story and behind-the-scenes account of one of the most notorious Louisiana gubernatorial races. This fast paced account reads like a work of fiction, because only in Louisiana could characters such as these attain such political prominence. This volume unfolds the characters of David Duke, struggling to overcome his racist, anti-Semitic past as he raises millions; Buddy Roemer who battles his political demons while hitting a personal mid-life crisis; and the scandal-plagued Edwin Edwards striving for redemption in one last comeback bid. With such strong personalities vying for office, conflict was to be expected and voters were not disappointed. Even the aftermath of the race became fodder for tabloid news as lawsuits, scandal, and political aspirations exploded. Fascinating insider details expose the players in this political free-for-all as never before, giving a sometimes hilarious and sometimes frightening picture of politics gone astray.