Critical Technology Issues for School Leaders

Ever-changing technology and a generation of digital-native students challenge educators to keep pace, especially in preparing students for a successful future in an increasingly technologically advanced world. Well-known technology specialist and consultant, Susan Brooks-Young emphasizes that incorporating effective, regular use of technology as a tool for teaching and learning is imperative if we want to stay in the game. In this new book, Brooks-Young combines her most popular work into a collection of practical technology strategies and issues most critical for busy school leaders. The book is organized into four sections, each focusing on a different aspect of technology leadership: o New Literacies: the latest technology advances and opportunities for integration in schools o Engaging Teachers and Students: tools and strategies for professional development, establishing a web presence, classroom blogs, and distance learning o Providing a Reliable Infrastructure: tech-ready facilities, cost management, software and networks, and the role of technology coordinators o Legal and Social Concerns: Internet safety and security, precautions, copyright and plagiarism concerns, home-school communications, and much more School leaders will find detailed and concise information, extensive resources, and reflective questions for personal use or group discussion. This comprehensive, straightforward guide provides all the tools needed for effective technology leadership.