Crisis of Empire: Britain and America in the Eighteenth Century

Just how did the changing relationship between Britain and America in the 18th Century affect both world powers?Britain and the USA have helped define much of world history in recent centuries, and the relationship between the two is crucial to this history. This book focuses on a key period in their relationship, one that moulded the character of the British Empire and of the USA and thus the way they would relate to one and other in future. The rise and crises of empires will always fascinate the observer because in their fate we see much of human history. Certainly, the struggle of and for empire in the 18th Century was key to the fate of North America and more generally to that of the West Indies and North Atlantic.British victory followed by the American Revolution help to define and delimit the modern world. At European level the players were Britain, France and Spain eager for predominance and for trappings such as trade, land and prestige. Within North America there were the local agents of these powers but also their subjects, who held their own interests and views. In addition, the Native Americans were more than simply the passive victims of European expansion.The fascinating and complex story is told by Black with all the narrative drive and brilliance of a Barbara Tuchman book.