Creating Aspirational Leaders

Creating Aspirational Leaders is a new leadership classic that tells the story of how today's workforce has changed and why a new kind of leadership has evolved. Written to help the reader develop the right leadership to create a competitive workforce advantage, it is a book for leaders who want to be on the solution side rather than the problem side of today's aspirational workforce.Leaders have always had the job of developing people at work, but today's workers demand that their identities and aspirations be valued and developed along with their skills. In this book, the author brings across the message that companies must make work more aspirational or risk losing their talented workers. The author spells out the lessons to be learned from leaders in companies from China to Brazil, from Singapore to Germany and the USA in creating aspirational organisations. Starting with the story of an aspirational leadership disaster in the world's largest factory, he takes the reader through a process of building an aspirational organisation, developing leadership wisdom, using new tools for aspirational development and mastering new dimensions of employee motivation. This book is full of stories of leaders who have improved business results while developing people potential to achieve the status of a great company for people development.