Cram Session in General Medical Conditions: A Handbook for Students and Clinicians

Paperback / softback
Are you a rehabilitation professional or student in need of a basic understanding of general medical conditions? Supplemented by concise and user-friendly clinical information on the conditions, Cram Session in General Medical Conditions is the perfect resource for quick and at your fingertips facts. It is a succinct and descriptive quick reference that provides the rehabilitation professional with a very basic approach to understanding various general medical conditions. What is in your Cram Session : Breakdown of each medical condition covered Each condition includes the name of the condition, alternate names, description, causes, clinical presentation, symptoms, diagnosis, and management Includes over 125 general medical conditions in over 13 categories Cram Session in General Medical Conditions is an informative, well-organised handbook for all students and clinicians in athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and orthopaedics.