Coyote Summer

Upper Missouri River, 1825Against the wild grandeur of the Rocky Mountains and a richly woven tapestry of Indian cultures - Sioux, Mandan, Crow, Shoshoni - Coyote Summer unfolds into an unforgettable tale of love and reconciliation, destiny, and the indomitable human spirit.No two people could be more different: Heals Like A Willow, a beautiful young Shoshoni medicine woman, and Richard Hamilton, a Harvard philosophy student new to the frontier. Though they come from worlds apart, hindered by vastly different cultures, their souls have met and will not be denied.But Willow has ties to the Spirit World and a reponsibility to her people. In visions she has seen the coming White Storm brewing in the East - the endless stream of settlers overrunning the land, pouring ever westward. She must leave the trading posts, the river, and the company of white men. Even if it means leaving behind the one who has taken her heart.Armed only with his philosophy, meaningless in the harsh reality of the Rockies, Richard sets out after her. Facing the endles expanse of mountains and snow, a new understanding dawns on Richard - that his desperate search for love and illumination may bear the ultimate price.