Corporate Governance and Globalization

Compiled by a leading authority on Corporate Governance, this three volume set covers the major controversies in the field. Coherently presenting the arguments through bench mark articles and cutting edge papers, this collection is the first of its kind to draw together the work of leading academic writers. It launches a critical inter-disciplinary theoretical and policy investigation into the dimensions and significance of the globalization of corporate governance. Topics covered include: Volume One: Ownership and Control: Internationalisation of Corporate Governance; Multinational companies Governance; Competeing Models of Governance; Complex Governance Systems. Volume Two: Development and Regulation: The Impact on Developing Economies; The Influence of Foreign Investments; Implementing Governance Reforms; Privatisation in Transitional Economies. Volume Three: Convergence and Diversity: Convergence of Governance; Shareholdee Value and Institutional Investors; Cultural Diversity of Governance Institutions Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.