Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy: Optimising Corporate and Shareholder Value


“The relationship between finance and strategy is important and…this text makes it a central theme…and should make the subject much more relevant.”  Graham Diggle, Oxford Brookes University

“This text is well written, clear and easy to follow… and innovative in that it provides a link between corporate finance and financial strategy.”  Shishir Malde, Nottingham Trent University


What are the core principles of corporate finance and their links with financial strategy?

What are the tools and techniques of financial decision-making necessary to solve real-life business problems?

How in practice are financial strategies implemented that are appropriate to businesses at each stage of their life cycle?


Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy answers these and many more questions. This textbook introduces contemporary financial issues and topics of growing importance such as Islamic finance, corporate governance, and behavioural finance, and discusses reasons for and implications of the current global financial crisis. Along with its accompanying resources, this text is a must for corporate finance and financial strategy undergraduates and postgraduates, MBAs, and those undertaking professional examination courses.