Contemporary Spanish Fiction: Generation X

This book examines the work of six novelists of the Generation X group of writers in Spain: Jose Angel Manas ( Historias del Kronen , 1994); Ray Loriga ( La pistola de mi hermano , 1995); Gabriela Bustelo ( Veo veo , 1996); Ismael Grasa ( De Madrid al cielo , 1994); Belen Gopegui ( Lo real , 2001 and La conquista del aire , 1998); and Antonio Orejudo Utrilla ( Ventajas de viajar en tren , 2000 and Fabulosas narraciones por historias , 1996).The book shows that there has been a generational shift in contemporary Spanish fiction due to the erosion of traditional modes of self-determination in the globalized, commodified, and media-saturated environment of 1990s Spain. Within this context, the book explores the impact of audiovisual and popular culture on contemporary Spanish fiction; the notion of 'the market dictatorship' as the new regime against which Generation X novelists write and how current publishing conventions and marketing strategies impact on creative expression in contemporary Spanish fiction. Dorothy Odartey-Wellington is an Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of Guelph.