Contemporary Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project: Challenging C

The interest in botanical art is still growing and the authors of the bestselling 'Botanical Illustration Course with the Eden Project' bring fresh ideas to the genre. Contemporary Botanical Illustration covers some of the unusual colours that can be included in botanical art, from black flowers and plants - including seaweed - to green, blue and puce pink. The tricky subject of texture in both pencil and paint is covered in detail. And to ensure you are at the cutting edge of botanical art, the book covers the latest ideas for presentation of botanical art, including new ideas, some from the Far East, for arranging flowers before painting. Fantastically illustrated with drawings, stunning finished paintings and many step-by-step demonstrations, the book covers : An overview of contemporary botanical illustration * Your workplace and materials * Pencil drawing * Sketchbook practice * Composition * Basic colour theory * Colour and subjective colour exercises * Primary colours and their uses * Painting techniques * Paint it black * Challenging texture, pattern and colours * Food plants.