Consumer Americas: 2011

Consumer Americas 2011 helps you to understand consumer markets in North America and Latin America. The book has market sizes for hundreds of consumer products in 14 countries in the region. The data covers six years (2004-2009) and new for this edition there are the forecasts to 2015. The research ranges from toys and games to food and drinks. Discover the fastest growing markets, those that are static and those in decline. Consumer Americas 2011 is four books in one, making it bigger and better value. It combines data previously available in: - Consumer USA - Consumer Latin America - Consumer International - International Marketing Forecasts Consumer Americas includes - Market size data for consumer products in 14 countries in North America and Latin America - 6 years of historic data (2004-2009) and forecasts to 2015 - Volume and value data*, percentage (%) change and per capita figures *Value data presented in local currency and US$ - Data on private label trends - Key socio-economic indicators to help put market trends into context Consumer products researched Alcoholic drinks; Clothing and footwear; Consumer electronics; Cosmetics and toiletries; Disposable paper products; DIY; Domestic electrical appliances; Eyewear; Fresh food; Gardening; Home furnishings; Hot drinks; Household care products; House wares; OTC healthcare; Packaged food; Personal and leisure goods; Pet food and pet care products; Soft drinks; Tobacco; Toys and games Socio-economic indicators researched Economic indicators; Foreign trade; Population; Health; Household characteristics; Possession of household durables; Labour; Income; Consumer Expenditure; Retailing; Travel and tourism; IT and telecommunications Discover - How the market for video games has grown in the last 5 years - How much the market for pet food is set to grow in the next 5 years - Which country spends the most on DIY - How much coffee is sold per capita in Brazil