Conquering Childhood Asthma: An Illustrated Guide to Understanding the Treatment and Control of Childhood Asthma

During the past decade, major scientific advances have occured in our understanding of asthma and associated diseases of the airways such a rhinitis and sinusitis. These developments have been accompanied by new, potent and safe medications and better drug delivery systems. As a result, most children with asthma and similar problems involving the nose, eyes and ears can now have their conditions completely controlled so that they no longer suffer from breathlessness, cough or wheeze. The end result is an improved quality of life for children who no longer need to miss school, or recreational activities. Conquering Childhood Asthma will show most asthmatics, how to live a healthier and happier life, who are hardly aware that they have asthma. We hope that parents will enjoy understanding and participating actively with their doctors in the care of their children.