Concilum 177/5 The Return of the Plague

Editorial : the return of the plague / Jose Oscar Beozzo and Virgil Elizondo -- I. Plagues today. God and the evil of this world : forgotten, unforgettable theodicy / Johann Baptist Metz -- Plagues : definition an overall view / Gaspar Mora -- The social construction of plagues / John H. Simpson -- Evil in the free market mentality / Jung Mo Sung. II. Biblical / theological interpretations. Neither he nor his parents have sinned : guilt and exclusion / Hermann Ha ring -- Plagues in the Bible / Pablo Richard -- Job : even when I cry out violence I am not answered / Elsa Tamez -- Leprosy : untouchables of the gospel and of today / Justin S. Upkong -- The apocalyptic beast : the culture of violence / Walter Wink. III. The challenge of the plague experience. Plague and its human price : Albert Camus, The Plague / Norbert Mette -- The Christian ethic : help or hinderance ? / Marciano Vidal -- Seeds of hope / Zilda Arns Neumann.