Compounds of Germanium, Tin, and Lead, Including Biological Activity and Commercial Application: Covering the Literature from 1937 to 1964

The aim of this compilation has been to provide a comprehensive, non- critical source of information concerning organometallic compounds. The scope is limi~ed to the compounds containing at least one carbon-metal bond. The information includes methods of preparation, properties, chemical reactions, and applications. The First Edition comprised the literature from 1937 to 1958. The Second Edition is completely revised and extended through 1964. The literature prior to 1937 was thoroughly covered by E. Krause and A. von Grosse in Die Chemie der metall-organischen Verbindungen, Verlag von Gebrueder Borntraeger, Berlin, 1937. Our work consists of three volumes. Volume I contains derivatives of the transition metals of Groups III through VIII of the Periodic Table. Volume II contains derivatives of germanium, tin, and lead. Volume III contains derivatives of arsenic, antimony, and bismuth. The compilation is based on searches through Chemical Abstracts. The collection of references for 1964 was completed before the Subject Indexes to Volumes 60 and 61 of the Abstracts were available; thus some omissions in the coverage of that year are possible. We have attempted to make the .. coverage of the literature complete in order that the compilation may have best ~i1ity to the chemist, chemical engineer, patent attorney, and editor. In the interest of brevity, certain numerical data are omitted, but references to the original literature are given. Yield data are rounded to two significant figures. Wherever possible, tables have been used. The entries in the Bibliography section include references to Chemical Abstracts.