Commentaries on the Constitution Vol 5

The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution is a research tool of remarkable power. The volumes are encyclopedic, consisting of manuscript and printed documents compiled from hundreds of sources, thoroughly annotated and indexed. The Documentary History is an unrivalled reference work for historical and legal scholars, librarians, and students of the United States Constitution. This volume of Commentaries contains approximately 110 documents. Correspondence consists of forty-two letters, including thirty-three letters by Federalists, five by Antifederalists, and four by diplomats (two French, one Spanish, and one English). About forty-five individual, non-serialized newspaper items also are printed in this volume, including the dissent of three members of the Massachusetts Convention, a Federalist allegorical piece entitled New Breeches, Elbridge Gerry's response to the Maryland Landholder, and the amendments proposed in the Maryland Convention.