From Footlights to 'The Flickers': Broadway Shows and Silent Movies

From Footlights to The Flickers is the long awaited fourth book in the collectible sheet music series by Marion Short. Two of the most popular collecting categories are covered in this colorful book-the music of the Broadway stage, and silent screen movie music. Over 560 full color photographs of sheet music covers from musical shows and silent movies accompany the informative text. The movie songs are arranged alphabetically by cover personality, and the section becomes a compendium of all the major silent screen stars from the earliest days of the flickers to the sound revolution in 1929. From Footlights to The Flickers follows the success of Mrs. Short's other books about sheet music, The Gold in Your Piano Bench (tearjerkers, black songs, rags, and blues), More Gold in Your Piano Bench (inventions, wars, and disasters), and Covers of Gold (sports, fashion, illustration, and the dance).