CNBC Profit Drivers: Proven Strategies from Market Leaders

A fascinating insider2s look at the companies that set the newest standard for profitability and innovation CNBC, the global leader in financial news, is recognized as the source for authority, information, and analysis on all business markets. Consistent with the CNBC tradition of providing individual investors with current and incisive information, CNBC Profit Drivers offers an informed perspective on the investment activities and financial results of a select group of companies that have been consistently identified as today2s top profit drivers and market shapers. Writing in a compelling narrative style that throws these firms and their leaders into sharp relief, author Bob Andelman covers bellwether companies, including Cisco, IBM, and Motorola, as well as young turks, such as Agilent, eBay, and eTrade. He describes the revolutionary strategies, business models, and financial measures behind these firms2 unprecedented success and identifies the five key attributes that have transformed these companies into driving forces of the economy and caused them to establish benchmarks for success in their particular industries. These attributes include market share, multidimensional business models, continuous innovation, intellectual property, visionary approaches, strong leadership, and connectivity. Bob Andelman (St. Petersburg, FL) is the coauthor of six business bestsellers, including Built from Scratch, Mean Business, and The Profit Zone.