Clinical Trial Methodology in Pediatric RTI: Workshop at the 5th ECCMID, Oslo, September 1991. Supplement Issue: Chemotherapy 1992, Vol. 38, Suppl. 2

By far the most common indication for antimicrobials in paediatric patients is respiratory-tract infection (RTI), with cephalosporins now among the most commonly prescribed antibiotics in this age group. Given the importance of these antibiotics, an international symposium was held to discuss theory and experience in the treatment of paediatric RTI with oral cephalosporins. Comparative pharmacokinetics, microbiology, and some of the problems encountered in adequately conducting and reporting appropriate clinical efficacy studies were discussed. Clinical experience was presented from trials with cefatamet pivoxil in the treatment of paediatric acute otitis media, lower-respiratory-tract infection and tonsillitis. In summary, this publication offers an informative assessment of new cephalosporins in paediatric respiratory-tract infections, with emphasis on the development of the paediatric formulation of cefatamet pivoxil.