Classic Works in RF Engineering: v. 2: Microwave and RF Filters

Filter design is a critical area for RF and microwave engineers to understand, yet so much important knowledge can only be found through time-consuming searches for classic papers and journal articles. Finally there's a single source that gives engineers total one-stop access to microwave and RF filter theory, design, analysis, and applications. This companion to the bestselling book, Classic Works in RF Engineering , delivers 56 classic, hard-to-find papers that span the field and includes key procedures, formulas, examples, and performance data to help engineers cut design and analysis tasks down to size no matter what challenges come their way.Best of all, this volume is built for on-the-fly consultation. Each paper concisely explains the relevant technologies without bogging readers down in excessive detail. A flip of the page brings practitioners definitive guidance, including theoretical background, applications, selection criteria, design steps, calculations, examples, and helpful input on filter components. Over 100 diagrams and schematics clarify the material, along with a wealth of problem-solving tips from the field's top innovators.