Circle of Friends: The Massive Federal Crackdown on Insider Trading---and Why the Markets Always Work Against the Little Guy

In Circle of Friends, bestselling, award-winning journalist Charles Gasparino - one of Wall Street's most knowledgeable observers - follows the FBI and SEC as they investigate and prosecute what may soon emerge as the most aggressive and broad reaching insider-trading case in the nation's history. A richly-textured, page-turning work of investigative journalism based on extensive reporting - including access to key players in both the Justice Department and on the Street - Circle of Friends chronicles this massive federal crackdown which has already led to five arrests and threatens to put some of the biggest names on Wall Street behind bars. Gasparino explores the gross inequality that has grown between individual and professional investors over the last twenty years, highlighting the vast information gap that favors professionals over amateurs, and the superwealthy over the rest of us. As in his previous books, Gasparino, names and brings a rich historical perspective to this subject. A riveting work of narrative nonfiction as engrossing and explosive as the best thrillers Circle of Friends is a wake up call to the investing public and everyone concerned with inequality and its impact on our politics, our society, and our future.