Christchurch from the Tram

The beautifully trimmed electric trams that glide in stately fashion through the central streets of Christchurch are one of the great success stories of recent years. First introduced in 1905, then phased out in 1954, they were brought back from the grave by the Tramway Historical Society in 1995 and have gone from strength to strength since, such that today they are a profit-making enterprised funded entirely by ticket sales and provide passengers with a truly unique way of enjoying the Garden City. This small pictorial covers all the scenic attractions that can be visited within an easy stroll of each stop on the tram circuit, including (among others) Cathedral Square, the Avon River, Oxford Terrace, the Art Gallery and Arts Centre, Hagley Park, Christ's College, the Casino, Victoria Square, New Regent Street and Cathedral Junction, one of the centre's newest precincts.