Cheech and Chong : The Unauthorised Autobiography

In The I Chong, Tommy Chong chronicled his experience of being made into an example by the Bush administration. Now he's ready to take a nostalgic look at the comedy duo of Cheech and Chong, the unlikely pair that found huge success in the 1970s and '80s with a renowned stand-up routine, a series of popular comedy albums, and a string of hit movies that includes the classic Up in Smoke, which remains one of Warner Brothers' highest-grossing films. In Cheech and Chong, Chong takes readers on a revealing and hilarious journey through Cheech and Chong's smoke-hazed world, from their first meeting at a Vancouver comedy club to their massively successful comedy tours, covering the making of Up in Smoke, the duo's less than amicable separation, their highly-publicized reunion in 2005, and beyond. It will also feature Chong's musings on marijuana, and the power of the pot. The I Chong was a spiritual exploration of Chong's time in prison, while Cheech and Chong is a nostalgic look at the entire career of the original stoner comedians who became countercultural heroes. The I Chong was a political indictment of eroding civil liberties in American society, and Cheech and Chong is an authentication of what it was like creating their cult classics, including Up in Smoke, the 12th highest-grossing film of 1978. The I Chong included timely observations on combating the conservative political powers at work in this country, whereas Cheech and Chong is an evocative examination of a time when rebellion reigned supreme and the power of the pot had a major social impact. Keenly insightful and utterly candid, Chong provides a fascinating glimpse into the pair's unique working and personal relationship and astonishing career--and into the free love and drug culture movements that they reflected and ultimately, helped to define.