Simon Callow_BookD: Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World

Series: BookD Podcast (21)
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BookD offers a fascinating perspective into the world of publishing. Listen to authors discuss their inspiration behind their books, and hear the story of how these books were transformed from the initial concept. Tune in every other week for conversations with the stars of literature, art, film, music, science and politics. Larger than life actor and director Simon Callow talks about his new book 'Charles Dickens and the great theatre of the world' at the Dickens Museum. This is a man who sold his entire collections of LPs for a second hand typewriter in order to kick start his love of writing. He admits that he had very little material to write about as a child due to his lack of life experience, but once he discovered the joy of theatre (which we Brits do so well!) it was then that Simon wrote a letter on his knackered typewriter to Sir Lawrence Olivier expressing how much he loved the work he was doing at the National. Would you believe it? He got a reply? And what did the big man have to say? Tune in and listen to what was in that letter which set Callow up to run away and join the theatre; never to leave again.