Chain Mail Jewelry: Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques

This title features 30 projects to complete in the resurgent chain mail style. It provides advice on polishing the pieces and tips on adding pearls or beads. Thanks to its exquisite, easily mastered techniques and elegant lines, chain mail - the classic art of linking metal rings - is enjoying a creative resurgence among jewellery makers. This attractive resource was the first full-colour book on the market to help beginners and intermediates get in on the craze. With computer-generated illustrations that show every step, it thoroughly introduces all the key construction procedures, including the proper methods of winding, opening and closing the metal rings. The 30 projects include a simple pendant encasing a large semiprecious stone and a flat chain-mail neckpiece that colourfully combines copper and blue titanium rings. Plus, there's advice on polishing the pieces, tips on adding pearls or beads and a gallery of works by professional jewellers.