Century 21 Jr., Input Technologies

CENTURY 21 INPUT TECHNOLOGIES is a new text by Hoggatt, Shank, and Barksdale for grades 6-8. This text is targeted for an introductory course in middle school that teaches computer basics, the Internet, keyboarding, handwriting recognition, speech recognition, Tablet PCs, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Microsoft OneNote, and some word processing. This text is a spin-off from CENTURY 21 JR. INPUT TECHNOLOGIES AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (ISBN 0-538-44265-4). The Instructional Design provides step-by-step guidance for student learning, with activities labeled as Learn, Practice, and Apply. Content is organized into units, chapters, and then daily lessons. The projects are generic and can be completed in Microsoft Office for Windows (XP and 2003). Screen illustrations will be shown from Office 2003. Special end-of-chapter activities cover Career, Business, and Academic topics. For example, the About Business feature covers activities about entrepreneurship, economics, ethics, and workplace trends and issues. The feature called Career and Life Skills Success Builder covers activities about careers, leadership, and teamwork. The feature called Academic Success Builder covers a math review, communication and reading review, and youth organizations.