Catalogue of Greek Terracottas in the British Museum: v.3

This catalogue, the first to be published in a generation, presents nearly a thousand of The British Museum's extensive collection of ancient Greek terracottas. The sequel to volumes 1 and 2 of the Catalogue, which cover the Archaic and Classical periods, it presents Hellenic terracotta figures from most areas of the Mediterranean apart from southern Italy and Sicily. The general introduction outlines general questions of the evolution of artistic styles, techniques and functions of Hellenistic terracottas. In the catalogue the figures are grouped into seven major geographic areas according to their known or probable place of production, and further subdivided as appropriate. The introduction to each section discusses find-spots, acquisitions history and general characteristics of the particular production area; each individual piece is then fully described and discussed. The black and white plates illustrate every example, while the colour plates offer a representative selection of the range of clays found in the terracottas presented here and also of the coloured pigments used in their decoration.