Cases and Materials on Insurance Law

This edition contains extensive updates, with many new cases relevant for students anxious to acquire practical knowledge that they can quickly put to use when they enter the profession. For example, the Introduction discusses the Kentucky Supreme Court's 2010 decision in Kentucky v. Reinhold, in which a medical bill sharing program constituted insurance. Chapter 5, which discusses liability insurance features an excellent new duty to defend case, Pekin Insurance Co. v. Wilson, decided by the Illinois Supreme Court and 2010, and another new case, Mid-America Bank & Trust Co. v. Commercial Union Insurance Co., which offers a superior illustration of insurers' duty to settle-and the bad faith consequences of related misjudgments. Chapter 5 also contains a critical analysis of the tripartite relationship in liability insurance. Chapter 7 on personal insurance contains new discussions of accidental death insurance and stranger-owned life insurance, both of which have been heavily