Case Studies in Sport Law

This book allows students to get an inside-the-courtroom and look at some of the most significant cases in sport law of all time without inundating them with legal jargon. This allows them to focus on the key legal issues at stake. Lecturers can guide students to comprehension of facts of the case or to a more complex understanding of the problems represented in the cases.The casebook contains short-answer questions to 90 legal cases, available in print and electronically via a web site. Students access heavily abridged versions of those cases online, which means they can focus on the relevant details of the case rather than extraneous legal discussion.In this way, the book is valuable for sport management students that need to know why and how a case is being tried, but don't enter these cases with a law school background. To ensure the most relevant cases were included, the cases were selected by Delphi technique from a panel of experts that the authors assembled. The cases are split up into the main subject areas in sport law courses.The cases represent the breadth of law in the wide-ranging sport industry, covering cases that involved inter-scholastic and recreational programmes, school districts, college and pro franchises, sporting good manufacturers and governing bodies.