Capturing Light In Acrylics

One of the ground-breaking books on acrylics - new in paperback. Acrylics is now a very popular medium with artists of all abilities, especially with the advent of new and better acrylic paints. 'Capturing Light in Acrylics' (HB 07134 8863 8) was and still is one of the best books on the subject. John Hammond, a highly successful practising artist, shares his experiences and knowledge of this incredibly adaptable medium and offers helpful advice, instruction and inspiration. Particular attention is paid to the skilful interpretation of light to convey the mood and atmosphere of a place. The section on Practical Considerations includes details on materials, equipment and colour mixing; Interpreting Light reveals the secrets behind light and tone, shadows, changing light and weather conditions; the Subjects and Inspiration sections cover choosing subjects, composition, working on location, landscapes, city views, boats and beaches, Mediteranean light and figures; and Developing Ideas details working with sketches, photography and studio painting. Practical explanatory text and inspirational illustrations combine to make this a valuable addition to any artist's bookshelf.