Cannock Chase: The Second Selection

This is the second volume of archive photographs featuring Cannock Chase. Its particular charm derives from the fact that it draws on the hidden treasure of local people's photographs and recollections. All aspects of life in the area are recalled: around the district, work, the mining industry, sport and leisure, education, transport, church and chapel and The Chase. Extraordinary events rub shoulders with everyday life, from life at Longford House in 1886 to finding the right partner at 'The Civic' or a modern house on the Bevan-Lee of Brindley Heath estates; from General de Gaulle on The Chase and visits by Clement Atlee and Aneurin Bevan, to Ted Martin the pig killer, open fields at Hawks Freen and haymaking at Hatherton. One chapter is devoted to the pictures from the private family album of Julia Maud Gilpin, most of which were taken in 1886. This fascinating collection vividly recalls a way of life now long gone and will appeal to all those who know and love Cannock Chase. Maybe you will recognise someone on its pages. You may even recognise yourself.