Cancer is a Bitch: Or, I'd Rather be Having a Midlife Crisis

This work offers an intimate, brutally honest and often humorous account of the author's brush with breast cancer and its intersection with midlife, motherhood and marriage. Gail Konop Baker was a runner, a yoga practitioner, an organic eater, a doctor's wife. As her 45th birthday approached, she looked forward to a life where she could finally focus a bit more on herself, but on Valentine's Day, 2006, she heard the words that would forever change her life: 'Just to be safe, I think we should biopsy'. It was the beginning of her year-long battle with breast cancer - a battle that would upstage any mid-life crisis that she'd worried was in the wings. As she writes, 'I wanted to be feeling bad about my neck; instead I was feeling bad I wouldn't live long enough to feel bad about it'. Cancer is a Bitch is Gail's raw, brutally honest and intimate memoir of fighting - and surviving - breast cancer. From her diagnosis in early 2006 to Valentine's Day a year later, her memoir charts all the craziness that comes with being a full-time mum, a devoted wife, and a woman battling breast cancer and its fallout. After countless visits to hospital, worrying over whether she'd be there to see her children's biggest moments, wondering if her marriage would survive this challenge, and realizing that when people looked at her they now saw their own mortality, she finally realized that despite it all, she needed to get back to the business of living. And she does. One year later, declared cancer free, she returns to running, even finishing the New York City marathon. Published for Breast Cancer Awareness month, this is a survival story of the best kind - gritty, determined, honest, funny, and inspired.