Cancer, an Alternative Treatment: The Inspirational Story of How a Group of Women Overcame Breast Cancer. Taken from the Diary Notes of a Cancer Counsellor.

When Jane came for her first therapy session to work out what was happening to her twenty-year marriage, the author would never have guessed that a few weeks later he would stumble on an alternative treatment for cancer. He explained to her how the brain worked to form neural networks and memories, and showed her how to correct behavioural patterns and make positive changes to her life. Some time after the end of her course of treatment, Jane revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer two years earlier. She had not told her family and had refused the chemotherapy offered by her doctor. Recent tests had shown that her cancer count had reduced and she was in remission. Davies was stunned by what Jane had told him. Was this coincidence, or could his therapy methods have something to do with Jane going in to remission? Could the subconscious mind affect the functioning of the immune system and allow the body to heal itself? Later, Jane introduced him to her local cancer support group, the members of which had all been diagnosed with cancer. In weekly sessions he counselled the group with amazing results.