Cabana the Cookbook: Brasilian Barbecue & Beyond

With its launch timed to coincide with the World Cup, Brasilian Barbecue and Beyond presents a brand new flavour of Brasil. Zingy, vibrant and full of life, there's so much more to Brasilian food than grilled meat and stews. Brasilian Barbecue and Beyond includes delicious, fruit-packed breakfasts like the A a Berry Bowl; tasty street food like the fluffy Cheese Breads (p o de queijo) or Sweet Potato Crab Cakes; colourful side dishes like the Avocado and Palm Heart Salad; simple-but-tasty barbecue dishes with spicy marinades like Cabana's signature Malagueta Chicken; decadent desserts like Doce de Leite Caramel; and refreshing fruit-based drinks and cocktails like the Limonada Suissa - not forgetting, of course, the Classic Caipirinha.