Bryan Strauchan: My Story: The Rise and Rise of a Genuine Superstar of Australian Sport

Paperback / softback
Everyone who wants to be a better person should buy this book.'Bryan Superstar' StrauchanIn the few short years since he burst onto the football scene, Bryan Keith Strauchan has become a footy legend. Born in Horsham and drafted by Collingwood in 2004, Strauchanie is yet to play a senior game with the Pies but made a spectacular debut playing for Victoria in June 2007. Read Strauchanie's amazing journey from country boy to official star - it's a rollercoaster ride of emotion. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll be shocked by the revelations. Bigger than the Bible and The Da Vinci Code, Strachanie speaks openly, frankly and from the heart about racism, sport and love. Featuring:Strauchanie's thoughts on players, clubs and the future of football Look out for the Strauchanie bonus' symbol throughout (these are a bit like the EXTRAS on DVDs but you'll have to read the book to find them) Tributes from other superstars (why blow your own trumpet when other people will blow it for you?