Brierley Hill: Brockmoor, Bromley & Pensnett

At first sight Brierley Hill used to be one long street stretching from a steel works at one end to a maze of brickworks at the other. Tacked on to this ribbon-like community were several villages: Quarry Bank, The Delph, Silver End, Brockmoor, Bromley, Pensnett and Round Oak. Industrial activity created these settlements but once established, they became home to a vast number of schools, churches and chapels, shops and centres of entertainment - as well as a huge number of pubs. Railways and canals added to the labyrinth and confusion. The collapse of the metal-based industries and the spread of housing has changed the landscape but identifying these communities and recognising what went on there in the past helps understand the development of Brierley Hill. Ned Williams and the Mount Pleasant Local History Group have gathered together over 200 photographs to illustrate the history of this close-knit community, concentrating on the areas of Brockmoor, Bromley and Pensnett.