Brand Management 101: 101 Lessons from Real World Marketing

Many years ago, I developed a fascination for martial arts. I started reading books that promised to teach self defense and soon I was practicing he steps at home. A few months later, I joined karate classes, and whey my sensei started teaching theory to the class, I thought I already knew it all. And then I had my first sparring bout. All the theory I had learned, all the practice I had done at home, all the things I thought I knew about karate dissipated in one single moment. That was when I tasted my own blood. That was my first experience of how theory sometimes leaves you unprepared for the real world. Marketing is no different. Useful guidelines for brand builders in the form of 101 lessons from a field test pro. Easy to read. Anyone working with brands can't help but find tips they can use. - David Aaker, Vice Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy, Author, Brand Leadership and Building strong Brands Never have lessons been so pleasant and easy to understand. After finishing Mainak Dhar's 101 lessons you'll be ready for any marketing exercise. This author has had hands-on experience and it shows clearly over these pages. pay attention in this teacher's class! - Allein Moore, Editor, AdAsia